About Zikia BioMeds

A Brief Story About the Company
Zikia Biomeds and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is a medical Company in Hyderabad, India, set out to provide naturally derived medicines. They strive to bring forth medicines that will cater to the ever-changing needs of the society with an aim to promote natural, sustainable and safe healthcare practices.


To get clarity of business activities and the ability to keep tabs on balances stock and quality.
Cloud-based software for easy access and implementations.
Need for accurate data in order to rectify the processes and make the changes.

Key Factors


Being in the medical industry, ZIkia had to abide by various compliances therefore quality was something they couldn’t compromise on. As their products went through numerous processes, keeping a tight rein on the quality was much needed.


For the growth of any company, it is important to have well-defined, established methods of operating. We wished for proper coordination amongst the activities to decrease any confusion between our teams and increase efficiency.


Tracking the daily sales was strenuous, we needed an integrated CRM module that would allow our sales team to get precise stock reports before making any commitments to customers.


Standardizing the process for manufacturing was much-needed. We wanted to have a simplified process flow in our software that would allow any user to easily understand the production process. Accu360 has such clever functionality like routing wise job cards creations.


The Problem : multiple processes, mismanagement of inventory, inaccurate data.

Zikia Biomeds is a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and handles numerous process right from collecting raw materials to distribution of the final product. Their disparate systems inefficiency due to lack of proper co-ordination between various departments. It is also caused further confusion as accurate information was unavailable. They were facing troubles with managing their inventory that was causing a lot of hindrance in their daily operations. Keeping a track of raw materials that went in, the number of units manufactured, numerous overhead costs was difficult and the data wasn’t always accurate. Moreover, being in the medicine industry, they had to abide by various compliances therefore quality was something they couldn’t compromise on. As their product went through numerous processes, keeping a tight rein on the quality was much needed. They needed a robust solution that could accommodate their numerous requirements like supervision of manufacturing, managing inventory, conducting quality checks along with presiding over HRM activities. They sought a platform that was cloud based so it could be accessed from anywhere and help them boost their agility.

Lack of productivity due to improper management of inventory.
Difficulty in keeping check on quality on every step of manufacturing.
Gaps in tracking the stock.
Incompetency of system led to uncertainty in billing and invoicing.
Inaccessible system leading to lack of accurate data.


The solution: A handy cloud based software that generates accurate data.

Here comes ACCU360, a modular cloud ERP software precisely designed to ease out various business needs. Being cloud based, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere without any hassle, thus saving time and efforts. Through its ingenious tracking system, one can keep tabs on the entire manufacturing process right from the raw materials to the final product. ACCU360 also makes it possible to monitor the production process so the quality can be conformed to on every step of the way.

Cloud based - easy access anytime anywhere

easy access to all the information not only saves time but also helps you make faster decsions.

Redesigning Dreams

Performs quality checks on every step of the manufacturing process

Accurate data of stock at every branch

Real-time updates on stock help you manage your resources well as well as saves money and time

Easier billing and invoicing

all the data of bills and invoices are right at your fingertips making it easier to keep a track of your expenses.

Module Implemented



Once ACCU360 was implied by Zikia Bio Meds, it eliminated their complexities by simplifying numerous aspects of their business. With the help of the advanced tracking provided by the software, they could now keep tabs on prime costs, overhead costs as well as other expenses.



“Expanding the business was something we were delaying due to lack of proper management but now ACCU360 has improved our functionality allowing us to look for new opportunities” -Dev Singh, CEO