From Transformer Designing to Delivery

In ACCU360 you can track every single step regarding your production of your transformer. Right from designing to delivery. Track status of design and engineers in designing. Our team will help in implementing with our best case study till date.

Transformer manufacturing

Plan your RAW Material.

In transformer manufacturing you need minimum 1000+ items to produce one transformer. So you need real time stock availability and item wise forecasting reports. So that you make your production on going and delivery of QoS. 

ACCCU360 ERP give you full control over your inventory and auto alert for item re-ordering level. Which helps to keep stock available all the item.  

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Quality Process

In ACCU360 ERP you can maintain your quality report every production order wise. So that you can track records of all the incoming complains just by knowing transformer serial number. Develop you In Process Quality Check (IPQC). You can easily attached all your quality check reports with every transformer.

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quality control

Multiple Production Line

In Transformer manufacturing there are some item which need to be produced separately like COIL, Core Cutting , Tank , and then assembling. ACCU360 ERP gives you flexibility to handle multiple production separately and then assemble final transformer from manufacturing. 

After Sales Service Management

Manage all your after sales service customer wise and serial number wise. ACCU360 will automatically generate your serial number and warranty card for all the transfer which is produced. From transfer serial number you can track their COIL and Core batch number also. Which will help in tracking manufacturing process for that particular transformer. 

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