Transformer Manufacturing is a complex manufacturing process

Lets understand how transformer manufacturing process work
Lets understand it steps by steps

In transformer manufacturing designing transformer is very crucial. Design depends on specification of transformer. In traditional way they use to track designing process manually but in ACCU360 we can track progress in project module

Once design is ready then you can define your BoM along with assembly guide line. In BoM you can define raw materials and process are involved in making entire transformer.

Once design is ready then its send to production. Production manager look after all the resource and raw material availability.

Testing is very time taking process. After assembling transformer are sent to testing where it takes minimum 8 hours. After testing, test reports need to be attached with transformer and serial number generation also.

Once stock received in finish warehouse then you can deliver the items as per your sales order or you can keep it as stock.

Quality Control

Transformer industry is all about quality and testing . In accu360 you can easily track the quality of your incoming and outgoing stock. Set the parameters for measuring our quality criteria. You can create multiple test reports based on your requirements

Serial No. and warranty

Generate serial and batch number per production wise . In accu360 you can configure to auto generate serial and batch number creation.

In Process Quality Check (IPQC)

In accu360 you can configure QC process in manufacturing stages. You can define your quality parameters per routing wise . So that you can track quality reports every job cards wise.

QC during purchase

Set your QC in purchase per item wise or per group wise. You can also configure a mandatory and non-mandatory quality check process. You will also have pending quality check reports

Quality Report

In accu360 you can easily manage or maintain your quality reports per lot wise. You can have quality check during IN/OUT of every stocks or production wise.

Serial No. Creation

You can create serial number automatically or you can assign serial number manually. Accu360 will assign one serial no. to every finished transformer automatically.


Once serial number is generated then accu360 will auto generate warranty cards with some pre-filled data like manufacturing date, warranty end dates.

Sub Item Serial No.

keep track records of your sub items by serial no. in which transformer you have used which serial number Coil or core lot wise.

After Sales Service

Streamline your after sales service

Accu360 has inbuilt service module which helps you in tracking your services for under warranty and out of warranty transformer also.

  • Track service records serial number wise
  • Track what are the parts changed
  • Track number of Service done
  • Track schedule maintenance
  • CGet auto alert for schedule maintenance
Ager sales service in accu360 erp

Production Process

Transformer manufacturing is complex as there are lots of processes are involved in making a transformer. In Accu360 we can easily handle all the complexity in very simple manner.

Part wise Part Production

You can divide your production into multiple semi finished items. Like You can create work for tank, core cutting, coil insulation or binding , and finally assembled all the items

Stocking the semi-finished stock

you can stock all the semi-finished stock items and the final stage you have run a work order to assemble the final transformer

Production Flow Chart

Out Source Production

Track your out sourced production status and raw material supplied for particular production. Track number of produced item and pending order. You can track vendor’s billing details as per out sourced production order

Out Sourced with Material

You can out sourced job work with material . Accu360 will automatically calculate the raw materials that what are the material you have to supply to job worker.

Out Sourced without material

Depending upon your situation if you out source your production without material but want ensure what kind of material should be used during production then you can define it in BoM and at the time of out source you can pull your BoM during out source.

Cost Of Production

Take control of your production cost stage by stage. In accu360 you can easily gate your costing for overall production and also oer sub items wise.

Raw Material Costing

Track raw material cost as per your actual purchase costing. Configure raw material valuation cost by Last Purchase rate, Price list or by manually

Operation Cost

Track operation cost like Labor cost, Work station cost. operation hours cost

Consumable cost

Define your consumable cost per production lot wise or periodically. Parameters you can measure are , Oil, Electricity