We have often heard about shifts in our regular life, so what is a shift?

A shift is an arrangement of working hours that one employee or worker performs on a particular day/ month and according to that the worker’s compensation is calculated and paid to the respective person.

What is shift management?

There is a further process that needs to be evaluated while recording shifts of various employees and workers, every firm needs to maintain a specific record about the particular employee’s working schedule according to the timings whether is day or night, making it easy to check about the presence of the employee in the work premises, for how long the worker has performed his duty in working hours, whether the employee or worker is on leave, and much more making it an integral part for human resource management.

Types of Shift Management

  1. Complex Shift Management– a complex shift in any business house requires the most attention as it occurs when an employee wants to complete its weekly working hours ( that is 35- 40 hours) in less than the 5/6 working days. Proper bookkeeping is necessary to record the working hours that are utilized, whether the work is performed on weekends or weekdays so that it will be easy to monitor payroll and act as a very helpful tool while saving labor costs as the business will only pay for the working hours only.
  2. Rotating Shift Management– Rotating shift is the shift when the employee prefers to work at various timing accordingly to their suitability and it can be morning, evening, or night. Many managers prefer to rotate their employee shifts so that they can avail themselves benefits of all the shifts rather than sticking to only one format of working schedule.
  3. Auto-Shift Management – the auto shift management is used for both factory workers and back office staff where more than 3 shift operates, as whenever employee attendance is based on the timing. The attendance of every employee is marked on the nearest reporting timing for instance if the person has reported at 10 am then the employee will be marked attendance on the morning shift whereas if the employee marks its attendance at 1 pm then the respective employee attendance will be marked in the afternoon shift as the timing is very close to that shift.

Importance of shift management for your business.

Contrary to what many business houses believe shift management correlates with your business environment and your employee making it essential for your business. The need to maintain a proper error-free record of work is a soul requirement for both the employee and the employer. It is found very helpful to combat future disputes and misunderstandings relating to payroll, over time and as well smooth the process of time management.

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