From Single Store to Multi Store

Manage all your retail stores centrally

ACCU360 is readily available to handle all the challenges for small to large retail business. Integrate your POS hardware and schemes.

Schemes and Loyalty


Multiple schemes you can create and assign at the same time to all the stores and also set criteria.

Loyalty Point

Set criteria for loyalty of a customer and per your policy give them offers and and also send alert via mail or messages.


Maintain multiple price list and also per as customer loyalty and to give them better service you assign price list to particular group of customers.




Warehouse wise stock availability

ACCU360 retail management module is completed integrated with ACCU360’s inventory module. So ACCU360 retail solution gives you to control Work in Progress warehouse management system before your stock really explored in stores. In WIP warehouse after immediate purchase you can do all your tagging , pricing schemes and all and then transfer it to your store warehouse.