Payroll in HRM || accu360 erp

Payroll in HRM || accu360 erp

Payroll in HRM | accu360 ERP

ACCU360 has made it simpler by adding payroll into HR module. Even salary slips can be previewed and it is sent to every employees by mail.  | Payroll in HRM

In payroll, we have

  1. Salary component
  2. Salary Structure
  3. Salary Structure Assignment
  4. Payroll entry
  5. Salary Slip
  6. Taxation and exemptions
  7. Additional Salary
  8. Employee Incentives
  9. Expense claim
  10. Employee Advance

Salary component

ACCU360 has the most flexible way to calculate the payroll. For the payroll, you have to create salary component first. Different companies can have different components. For example, companies can have basic, HRA, conveyance allowance, medical allowance as their salary components. For creating this, you need to mention the type of component and add whether its earning or deduction component. You can add conditions and formulas below to calculate the salary of each employee just as you do in excel. You have to give abbreviations so that it will be easier to make formulas.

Salary Structure

In ACCU360, you can create the salary structure for the whole year. It is just the combination of both earning and deduction component. You have to just add on the components in the salary structure

Salary Structure Assignment

Once your salary structure is designed, you have to assign this structure to every employee. Mention the date of joining of every employee along with their base pay. You can also mention variable pay if your company provides so. Once you submit this you cannot change the document. Suppose, if an employee has got increment, you have to create a new salary assignment and mention the date of their increment pay so that from next month he will get his new salary

Payroll entry

For generating salary of the employees, you have to first make a payroll entry. For this first you have to decide whether the company is giving monthly, weekly or daily salary. Fill up the fields of the employees like his department or designation. Check the attendance of employees first and then tick on validate attendance and post the start and end date for which you are giving the salary. When you will save there, it will come as “get employees” so that the name of the employee will come for which you are creating the salary slip. After this, you will get “create salary slip”. After clicking, again click on get employees, now you can see in dashboard your salary slip has been created and it is saved as draft.

salary slip

As you can see the salary slip will be created of the employee, and when you open it, you will see the calculation of the salary which include all his components and also the working and payment days, leave taken and also the mode of payment. You can also preview the salary slip in print format and the salary slip will go to each employee by mail.

Additional Salary

If an employee has taken advance or if he has some arrears, then for adjusting this in salary slip, you have to mention this in additional salary by mentioning the salary component and the amount to be given or deducted. When you submit this document, this will automatically calculate in salary slip.

Incentives are most important part for employees who are doing sales. For employee incentives, ACCU360 has this feature that you can simply enter the name and the amount of incentive that the employee is getting.

Expense claim

Employees can claim their expenses easily through ACCU360. Sometimes there is additional expenses that the employee has to bear and this can be claimed by the employees. For this, employee need to mention the date of expense, type of expense like fooding, travelling or others and mention the amount of expense. You can also ask for proof and attach it to the expense document. When the approver will approve the expense, this will be paid while you make the entries in accounting module and the status will be changed to paid from unpaid.

Employee Advance

Sometimes employee may need some advance for some reasons and this will get deducted from the salary. For this, employee must give an application in the software claiming for advance and the amount and reason they need advance for. | Payroll in HRM

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