New changes in GSTR-3B

New changes in GSTR-3B

GSTR-3B is the type of declaration which is filled by the GST registered dealers on monthly basis. This is a form of self declaration which is filled along with GSTR-1. In this declaration, the information pertaining to tax liability are to be filled up in order to abide with the indirect tax regimes of the nation. Some changes are made in GSTR-3B in attempt to make it handier and complying with the legitimation.

Modifications in the tables

  • CBIC has introduced a new table which is to be used by the taxpayers in order to give details pertaining to the supplies they give to ECO (E-commerce operators). Where such ECOs are entitled to take advantage of reverse charge mechanism.
  • The table 4 is also changed comprehensively. Pointedly the Part B and Part D of this table. Reversal of ITC which was there in Part B and reporting of ITC cited in the Part D, both got amended. At the same time, it was ensured that the eligibility of ITC should not get affected.

Guidance to tax payers

  • CBIC also published a new circular where it has stated all new directions for the taxpayers so they can file their returns in appropriate manner. As it has been seen that taxpayers make significant mistakes with respect to GSTR-3 these new guidelines were introduced by the authority.
  • Some information which are relevant to electronic credit ledger has to be now provided in detail under table 4. The claims of ITC which are reversed under 4(B)(2) will be now shown in the Part D. Such ITC restrictions which are due to PoS so it would be stated there in Part D of the table.

Changes for quality augmentation

  • Earlier it was experienced that there were some discrepancies which were toppling the ability of this return to revert best set of information to its users and specifically help state in collecting taxation amount form such tax payers. By making these changes the quality augmentation process is being improved.
  • Inter state related supplies which are made to unregistered person would be presented there in Table 3.2 of GSTR-3B form. At the same time, the department also wanted to introduce sort of check in points so with this regard, they come up with the rule that the same information is to be presented in table-7B, or Table 9/10 or Table 5 in the GSTR-1.

Changes in relation to customer database

  • The perils have always been there that the registered person was not updating their customer database. It was hindering the efficiency to bring crystal clarity to the department. Now this change is also imparted that all such registered person is intended to update such customer database.
  • They will be providing up to date information. For instance- the name of customer, proper state name, correct POS etc. at the same time, would also ensure that this all information must be right as per the tax invoice and other relevant returns.

From the above evaluation, it can be summarized that the main feature of brining these changes was to make this return more helpful. Also, wanted to ensure transparency in order to minimize any possibility of jeopardies in legal taxation practise.


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