Every company’s core resources are the people that work for them and without their efforts, no organization can achieve its goals.  Effective human resource management helps the organization to deploy their employee in the right mechanism and work accordingly so that they can take a step forward towards their goals.

So what is human resource?

Human resources (HR) work as a shed that guides the employees in a firm. HR solves the concerned issues of the employee and works towards the development of both the employee and the organization. It bridges the communication gap between organizational decisions and employees.

Next up you should know about the functions of HR:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employee Safety Law
  • Grievance Management
  • Firing
  • Employee development

Why HR is important for your business?

HR plays a major role in any organization as it directly deals with the recruitment of the employees, and we all know how much an employee is important for your business, putting the right people in right place is a responsible job that solely decides the framework of any organization. The smooth process of hiring, training, and developing an employee is in the hands of HR.

Let’s know what are the responsibilities that make HR so important.

  1. Recruitment and Hiring: the key responsibility of an HR is to recruit an employee that is the best fit for the job as a lot of aspects are taken into consideration while hiring an employee that often we neglect but an HR possesses a keen eye towards it ranging from employees education, attitude, personality and behavior as a single mistake of hiring a wrong candidate will result in a huge impact on your business.
  2. Training and development: HR continuously works towards the training and development of their employee so that the skills of the employee can be increased from time to time and they became more efficient in their work. Regular training session not only helps in a better organizational function but also evolves the professional skills of the employee.
  3. Employee Benefits: HR acts as a guardian for every employee who ensures that their rights and benefits are not misused by anyone. HR pays attention to their employee payment schedule, provident fund, medical facilities, and other remunerations.  HR must ensure that not a single employee is abandoned from their employee benefits.
  4. Grievance Management: HR has to deal with the issues of an employee on a day to day basis making the organization needs to hear their employee as when the employee gets the assurance that their feedback and complaints are taken into consideration and necessary actions are taken to solve that problem, they build an unbreakable trust with the organization. Employee loyalty is a priceless asset for any business and HR builds it for an organization.
  5. Payroll Management: keeping records of the employee gross earnings and net pay is the core element of business. A proper payroll management system ensures a smooth process of accounting books related to employee salary and other remuneration so at the end of the day/ week/month no employee should face any irregularities with their salary. Delaying in salary release or miscalculation of the payments will surely affect their morale and will harm the relationship between employees and the organization. HR keeps a record of every employee’s payroll methods and assures the organization that employees are remunerated timely.
  6. Communication: a successful business needs successful communication in the organization. The communication gap is filled by HR as HR purely conveys the decision of management to the employee eliminating any miscommunication from both the sides. Any distorted message harms the sentiments of the employee as well as affects business growth.

Winding up

HR is the sole of the business and without this, no business will survive in the long run.  It is even important for the small business owner as much potential business plan fails due to negligence in human resource management.

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