About Halco Aluminum

A Brief Story About the Company
Halco Aluminum is an established business organization in North East India offering diverse aluminum extruded products in the industry. The company aims at providing quality aluminum products to the customers by setting up their modern state of art manufacturing facility with scope to substantial expansion in various places.


To establish an effective ERP software to streamline the entire business process from material procurement to production and sales to final delivery to the ultimate customers.


Establishing better communication between the organization and key stakeholders and teams for improving the production process
Seamless integration between all the departments. So that they can avoid miss communication
Preparing appropriate consumption and distribution reports for increasing accuracy of the business processes.

Key Factors

Realtime Stock Report

Access of real time data was not available with Halco Aluminum which restricted them to have a control over their business processes. The organization needed a convenient software which can fulfil their needs.

Cash Flow Managment

Flow of cash was not appropriately recorded which created difficulties for the business to improve their profitability. Halco Aluminum started experiencing various changes in their cash flow management by adapting the ERP software.

Procurement Managment

Controlling the costs of procurement of goods and services is a significant factor which is aligned with the ERP system. It has provided Singh Wheels India with an opportunity to reduce their extra expenses and boost up their overall profitability.

Production flow

Streamlining the entire production flow was main factory for choosing accu360 ERP. Maintaining production order to final delivery and quality check process. Realtime stock tracking per section wise , finished wise and preparing packing bar code.


A Brief Story About the Problems

All system were manual and nothing was in proper process and flow. Report keeping was totally manual and could not analyze data if any discrepancies happens. Realtime connection between teams was totally manual.

Production Planning

Production process flow was missing. Realtime production reporting.

Sales Team

No proper sales record. Target assignment was missing. No real-time updation taking process. Proper sales flow was not in place.

Process Development

Issues in management of the purchase process as well as tracking of goods in the different cities where the organization started expanding. Process development for HRM and CRM. Expense claim and sales person attendance process development.

Production Flow


A Brief Story About the Solutions

Effective features of the management system provided by accu360 has been a game changer for Singh Wheels India. The software provided appropriate ERP solutions which includes data management, GPS tracking, client management, cloud based accounting and many other services which are relevant to improve the organizational stability.

Cloud Version of accu360 ERP

Cloud Version of the accu360 ERP software is an effective solution to the problem of accessibility in remote locations. With the the help of cloud based services, Singh Wheels India is able to expand their services in different places and operate freely.

Integrating all the warehouse

Services offered by the accu360 ERP to analyze and evaluate the crucial real time data is a ground breaking solution to the problem of accuracy in preparing better forecast reports and conducting business practices.

Process Mapping and development

Integration of automated functions in the software are helpful in building effective relationships with the customers. It further provides assistance to the business to analyze their interests and take suitable market based decisions.


  • 01

    Cloud Solution

    Cloud-based interface of Accu360 has provided better assistance to Singh Wheels India to expand in various states effectively having access of their crucial information from different locations.
  • 02

    Realtime Data insights

    Accu360 ERP has played a vital role in providing accurate information about the stock availability and insights which has been resourceful for the busines to reduce their extra costs and save valuable time.
  • 03

    Better process

    The ERP software offered by Accu360 aims at enhancing the overall manufacturing process by increasing the quality checks at every stage of the business to ensure standard quality of final products for the customers.
  • 04

    Cash Flow Tracking

    ERP software has been fruitful for tracking flow of cash of the organization with appropriate measures for collection of payments and management of funds.
  • 05

    Stock flow Improved

    The Accu360 ERP is an effective software for managing stock levels, warehouse needs and billing requirements for increasing organizational productivity.

Module Implemented