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What is ACCU360 ERP?2021-09-27T23:43:08+05:30

ACCU360 is an ERP product for SMEs and large scale companies. ACCU360 is a product of Nano Informatics Private Limited. ACCU360 has two version one is open source and second one Enterprise Edition.

What is the meaning of ACCU360 ?2021-09-27T23:37:45+05:30

ACCU360 is the short form of ACCURATE 360 Degree. Since ACCU360 is an erp product so our ultimate goal to serve our  clients from all the way.

Modules available in ACCU360 ERP2021-09-27T23:52:54+05:30

ACCU360 ERP consist of almost cover all the modules starting from Finance , Purchase, Sales, Inventory, HRM and Payroll, Manufacturing, CRM , Support module and Retails store solution.

Is customization possible in ACCU360?2021-09-28T00:00:04+05:30

ACCU360 is fully customizable from client side. You just need JS knowledge. You can do good level of customization for your client from client side scripting.

Is ACCU360 ERP cloud based only?2021-09-28T23:09:05+05:30

Yes ACCU360 is only available on cloud only.

Does ACCU360 provide API?2021-09-28T23:27:20+05:30

ACCU360 provide you REST and GraphQL API and also token based authentication. You can integrate your ACCU360 erp with other third party software easily.

What are the programming language needed for customization?2021-09-28T23:42:36+05:30

You will need python and JS developer and should have knowledge about SQL query.

How ACCU360 provide local support?2021-09-28T23:48:30+05:30

ACCU360 ERP has its partner for all local support. Partner also look after entire implementation process.

How long will it take to implement ACCU360 ERP?2021-09-29T00:19:18+05:30

Implementation time depends on so many factor like how many module you want to implement. If you process are already developed then it will take very less time to implement. At bear minimum it will take 3 months.