Multi Work Order

In ACCU360 you can create multiple production at once by using Multi Order Order. It useful when you have to place production order for multiple number at once.

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Routing or production stages

In ACCu360 you can maintain two types of routing one is parallel and series routing. Routing wise you can also define items. So whenever that routing start at that time only you be asked to transfer that material.

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What is ERP and how ACCU360 ERP can help you.

An organisation is a huge amalgamation of different individual departments, which often comprises of even smaller units to corroborate its smooth functioning and to reach its short-term as well as long-term goals. These individual departments like accounts, inventory, finance, human resource etc., critically consist of large amounts of data and resources that need to be

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What is ACCU360 ERP?

ACCU360 is an ERP product for SMEs and large scale companies. ACCU360 is a product of Nano Informatics Private Limited. ACCU360 has two version one is open source and second one Enterprise Edition.

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