ERP software for Manufacturing

ERP software for Manufacturing

Why to use ERP software for Manufacturing?

Every manufacturing unit needs ERP software for better management. ERP software helps you in centralizing your business process and monitoring as well. You can easily standardize your business process to run the business smoothly and scale up at same time.


Nowadays companies are switching to cloud ERP for centralize control and also they need to access it from anywhere.


So there are end of points to consider ERP software in your manufacturing unit.

ERP software also help you in better resource management and to maintain a certain level of stock by checking re-order level or by demands analysis automatically.


There are lots of production manager who do all these calculation manually and some with huge mistakes in some calculation.

Let’s first understand what is ERP software actually and why company or manufacturing unit need to use it.

ERP is a short form of Enterprise Resource planning. In nutshell it is software which is use by companies to manage their business. Like there are lots of software for different fields according to their requirement for example for banner designing you use Photoshop or canva for presentation. Likewise ERP software are specially designed for business management according to business requirements. ERP softwares are really complex and sophisticated tools. There are lots of software they claims that they are ERP software but in real they are single or two module softwares.

Now let’s understand the basic character of an ERP Software

  1. ERP Software should have all the business process as per Standard Business Operation methods.
  2. It should provide customization facility to customize the software according to your need.
  3. Better workflow management
  4. Complete approval mechanism should be there from simple approval mechanism to complex approval system.
  5. It should have integration facility like APIs for integration it with any third party application as per requirements
  6. Auto alert and notification mechanism
  7. Close integration with all the other modules so that all the departments can work seamlessly together without manual communication.
  8. Regular updates of the software for security and compliances.

These are few of the points which you should consider before purchasing any ERP software.

ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing units must have an ERP software according to my view if you are not using ERP then you should start exploring ERP Immediately.

Modules need to be available in Manufacturing ERP Software

    1. Finance Module: Finance module is very much important for any ERP for manufacturing for cost analysis and for other finance activities.
    2. Inventory: Of course without inventory you cannot do the manufacturing. So make sure your ERP is fully equipped with inventory system. It should have highest level of inventory control mechanism or you can say functionality.
    3. Human Resource Module: HRM is one of the most important modules in Manufacturing ERP to calculate human resource requirement for particular manufacturing order you need to have Human Resource Module. Overhead cost in manufacturing is calculated by Inventory Cost + Consumption + Man Power Used. So make sure your ERP have HRM module with integrated Payroll.
    4. Assets Management: Assets management is required in Manufacturing ERP to calculate machine capacity and its availability for manufacturing any products in any particular time.
    5. Quality Management: Quality management is also very much important for Manufacturing ERP. Quality Control module should be very much integrated with Manufacturing Module.
    6. Manufacturing Module: Finally strong manufacturing module is required which should be closely integrated with all the modules. In Manufacturing ERP you must look after its flexibility and functionality. Basic things you need look after your manufacturing ERP module which is listed below.
      • Simple to Complex BoM Handling
      • Sub-Level BoM handling
      • Multiple Cost Calculation Methods
      • Routing Management
      • Work Station Management
      • If possible then IoT integration for actual overhead cost calculation

There are lots of things to considered in Manufacturing ERP but these are the basics functionality which you should never compromise while exploring Manufacturing ERP.


ERP in Manufacturing can really help you in so many way that you cannot even imagine. We have so many customers those who have migrated from their legacy to software to ACCU360 ERP . It really help you in streamline your business process , better communication with all the team member most important it provide better visibility of your business status and erase lots of communication gap with your team.

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