Auto Shift in Accu360 ERP

Auto Shift in Accu360 ERP


Auto Shift means when the companies have rotational workers and they have to manage them then the companies can opt for auto shift process. Auto shift are mainly required in factories, workers who work on rotational basis but auto shift is of no use for fixed employees/back-office employees.

Auto Shift in ACCU360:

Auto Shift is recently added feature in ACCU360 software and its very easy to understand. It is explained below:

The first step for auto shift is to tick the Auto Shift checkbox only for those who have rotational shifts. Auto shift is not required for fixed employees/back-office employees as their shift is fixed. Assign the shift assignment only for fixed employees by going into

Human Resources>Shift management>Shift assignment.

Then, tick Auto Shift check box in Shift Type and Employee Master Form only for rotational shifts by going into

Human Resource>Shift Management> Shift Type.

Human Resource>Employee>Tick Auto Shift.

It is mandatory to tick auto shift on both employee form and shift type; else it will not take the auto shift.

No need to tick for fixed shift. Now you have the following options to process your attendance.

  1. First, simply using Bio-metrics:
  2. Auto Shift in Bio-metrics will take when the employee will PUNCH OUT their attendance while leaving the office.
  3. Second, by importing the data from excel sheet:
  4. Go into data import list and giving the document type as Employee Check-in and in action Insert new records.
  5. From here you can download the template by choosing fields: Employee name, Time and Employee. For Auto Shift, only this fields are required.
  6. Enter your employee attendance data in that excel sheet.
  7. After that, you have to attach the file in data import list and click START IMPORT. You have to be very careful while importing data as you have to check every small thing else it will show error.
  8. Go into Employee Check-in, you will see that all your data has been imported from excel and every employee’s CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT time has been marked.

Now you have to check the employees shift in which they fall. It is explained with an example:

We have two shifts one starting at 8:00 am-4:00 pm and another at 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Employee X has PUNCH IN at 9:00 am he will be assigned the First shift automatically because the time is very close to the first shift. Suppose the same employee in next day PUNCH IN the attendance at 2:30 pm he will fall into the next shift because his punch in time is close to the next shift. So, the use of auto shift is that it will take the shifts automatically based on the shift timings so that it will be easy to manage.

Now for processing attendance manually, go into

Human Resource> Shift Type>click on any one shift (not fixed shift)>Enable Auto Attendance.

There in box “Process Attendance After” you have to enter date of a day before of the actual attendance date. And in “Last Sync” box give the date a day after till where you need to process the attendance. Click on save and then MARK AUTO ATTENDANCE. Similarly, do it for next shift. Check the attendance it will be processed directly and will also show the Overtime hour, late entry and early exits**. Attendance is also processed automatically after one hour if you don’t want to process it manually.


    1. If by mistake you have not PUNCH OUT the attendance, it will not come in the attendance neither it will be marked as absent nor half day.

Note:- Late Entry and Early Exits: For this you have allocate the threshold time in every shift. Example: threshold time for late entry and early exit is 15 mins respectively, that means if someone enters 15 mins late it will be considered as late entry and will marked in attendance and vice versa.

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