Improve your Supply Chain Management with accu360 ERP

Improve your Supply Chain Management with accu360 ERP

Understanding its power and influence
How it changes the way we communicate and interact

Integrate all your e-stores with accu360

  • Automate your Order processing

  • Order Cancellation

  • Return Order

  • Order reconciliation

  • Pending Payments

  • Auto Stock Updation

Integrate all your e-stores with accu360

The E-Commerce Experience in accu360

The E-Commerce Experience in accu360

In accu360 you can easily integrate more than one online stores and track their orders individually. You can also update your order status directly from accu360 to your online stores without login to online stores.

Stock Updation to E-Stores

Track your stock and keep on updating stock in your online stores automatically. You can also assign multiple warehouse to your single E-stores. You can track your order and returns per warehouse wise also.

  • From accu360 you can connect your stock module to your online store.
  • Accu360 will auto update your stock balances in online stores
  • Track stocks from multiple warehouse
  • Track your BIN location

How to Setup E-Store in accu360 ERP

  • 01

    Create your Online store

    Your E-Store have to provide API mechanism
  • 02

    Get your API Keys and other required data

    You will get your API keys and secret ID from our E-Store
  • 03

    Put all the API keys and credential to accu360 plugins

    Configure other related setups also in accu360
  • 04

    Configure your online order series and warehouse

    In accu360 you can easily configure in E-Store plugins
  • 05

    You are all set to go live with your live orders

    Before going live consult with your accu360 consultant.

Flow Diagram

Integrate your own E-Stores with accu360 ERP

Integrate your own E-Stores with accu360 ERP

If you own any E-Commerce platform then you can easily streamline your SCM by integrating it with accu360 ERP.

Connect your own E-commerce platform with accu360 ERP and automate your entire order processing , cancellation and auto stock updation to your E-Stores.


Reconcile your payment

In accu360 you can easily reconcile your payment entries per order wise also every E-commerce platform wise. You can easily figure out which E-commerce platform you making payments in time and against which orders.

Track return payment settlement also.

Courier Service Integration ​

Integrate your courier partners

Courier Partners

Streamline your supply chain management by integrating your courier partners . You can aslo upload pick up request to your courier partner from accu360 directly

Track Order Status

Get realtime updates from your courier partners about its arrivals or any status related to your parcel. You will get auto update to your system directly from your partner portal

Updates to cusotmer

Keep your customer updated about their parcel. Your customers will be updated automatically as their parcels keep moving by courier partner

Social Media Integration

Promote your product directly from accu360 ERP
In accu360 ERP you can easily integrate your social media pages and create your campaign. Accu360 will help you in scheduling your post and also track your customer's engagement report.You can also automate your email marketing in accu360 ERP.
Social Media Integration
Manage Your Data

Manage Your Data

In Accu360 ERP
Manage Your Data by tweaking the ad personalization option settings on your browser.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Integrate your payment payment gateways
  • Send payment request via mail or whatsapp
Payment gateway available in accu360
  • Razor Pay
  • Paypal
  • Brain Tree
  • Stripe
  • GoCardless
Payment Gateway Integration

E-commerce Growth

The Indian E-commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest E-commerce market in the world by 2034. India’s e-commerce sector is expected to reach US$ 111.40 billion by 2025 from US$ 46.20 billion in 2020, growing at a 19.24% CAGR, with grocery and fashion/apparel likely to be the key drivers of incremental growth. The Indian online grocery market is estimated to reach US$ 26.93 billion in 2027 from US$ 3.95 billion in FY21, expanding at a CAGR of 33%