Corrugated Box Manufacturing​ in accu360

Solution for Corrugated Box Manufacturing​

If you are into corrugated box manufacturing and looking for ERP solution. Accu360 ERP can handle all the business process related to corrugated box manufacturing.

About ACCU360 ERP

Accu360 is a cloud based ERP solution for streamlining business operations to achieve business success. Our solutions revolve around solving your business challenges, and our approach in analyzing business insight is always from a business perspective, rather than a technology perspective. We collaborate with your core team to ensure growth and success.
About ACCU360 ERP

Problems in Corrugated Box Manufacturing

  • 01

    Attributes wise paper roll management .

  • 02

    Issue in report filtering roll attributes wise.

  • 03

    Batch wise quality tracking reports.

  • 04

    Stock availability report before production order or production plan.

  • 05

    Manual Indents.

  • 06

    Pending item reports from Purchase order. Tracking records of per PO wise delivery.

Paper roll Management

Roll wise stock management is very crucial in corrugated box manufacturing unit. How many roll are there, What are there attributes(GSM, THIKNESS, SHADES, DECKLE SIZES)

Order Management

Pending Order management is also big issue. Sales Order tracking and delivery tracking.

Delivery Tolerance

Outward delivery tolerance is also big challenge. IN manual system we deliver more/less quantity than the actual or above tolerance mark.


How we helped our clients

ACCU360 ERP have been implemented to several corrugated box manufacturing company. We understand the industry problem by deeply learning the entire process of box manufacturing. Accordingly, our solution is ready for corrugated box manufacturers with very little customisation.


In ACCU360 you can easily maintain paper as per your attributes wise so that you can filter reports like Deckle size wise , GSM wise and you can easily see how much stock is available and in how many deckles.

BoM Creation

You can maintain BoM client wise. So that you can ensure your quality will remain same through out complete cycle. In ACCU360 to you can create Make to Order. Make to order help to finalize raw material party wise

Pending Sales Order

Create sales order in ACCU360 and track delivery challan sales order wise and system will automatically maintain pending order reports. It will help you to give delivery as SO quantity

Production Plan

Create production plan as per your delivery date . ACCU360 will help you to create production plan as per upcoming delivery. It will also send you alert for stock requirements if re-order level set.

Scrape Management

You can pre-define your scrape in BoM

You can easily define your scrape warehouse and actual scrape quantity while receiving finished boxes .

Scrape Warehouse

You can pre-define your scrape warehouse and its value per kg wise when you run any production system will auto calculate or you can define actual scrape received quantity and debit the stock in scrape warehouse

Paper Roll management​

Managing paper roles are very complex in corrugated box manufacturing industry but the help of accu360 variant mechanism you can easily manage you paper roll variants wise

Roll Number

Assigning roll number to every incoming rolls and also track quantity available in a particular roll number. Accu360 will assign roll number automatically when you receive or issue paper from any roll number.

Paper consumption

Track complete record for paper consumption per roll number wise. While using you roll for particular production you can choose your paper roll by filter specification of papers.

Quality Report

In accu360 you can easily manage or maintain your quality reports per lot wise. You can have quality check during IN/OUT of every stocks or production wise.

Paper Wise Report With Its Attributes

accu360 erp reports

Production Order

Corrugated box manufacturing is a continuous order process. In accu360 you can track records for production completed quantity verses Sales order quantity. In between you can also pause any production order and re-schedule it for another day.


  1. Pending production Order.
  2. In-Progress Production Order.
  3. Completed Production Order.


Plant Maintenance

Create your assets and maintain and entire machinery life cycle in ACCU360 ERP. ACCU360 has inbuilt assets maintenance and assets revaluations methods.

Schedule Maintenance

You schedule maintenance while creating assets or afterward. System will send you an alert when time of maintenance come near.

Cost of Maintenance

You can manage inhouse and outsource cost of maintenance in ACCU360 ERP. While issuing items for maintenance purpose it will also add cost of maintenance to that particular assets.

Maintenance Team

Create maintenance team and assign them all the maintenance task. System will send alert to assigned maintenance team if any maintenance task occur.

Production Cost

Track production cost for every customer’s order. In ACCU360 you can track cost of production including overhead expenses. When finishing production system will automatically add the stock and its. value from prouduction cost.

How To Start With ACCU360 ERP

Our team have experience of implementing ERP solution from last 7 years. Our consultant will help you during process development and also we will present our past success case study. Which will help to decide what kind of process you need for your organization.

How To Start With ACCU360 ERP