Solution for Aluminium Extrusion Industry

Aluminium Extrusion industry is a complex industry. In ACCU360 you can easily handle all the process easily right from Raw Material Purchase to finish material.  From Ingot melting to Log from Log to all the sections you can track full product life cycle in ACCU360 ERP. 

You can plan your production in ACCU360 ERP. ACCU360 will auto plan your production quantity from your source document you can take Sales Order , Quotation or Material Request for your production plan.  

Create single Production Order for multiple selection/profile. In Aluminium Extrusion industry in single Production Order you need to produce multiple items. In ACCU360 Multi Work Order is specially  developed for handling multiple item production in single Order. 

If you want to track the floor stock in real time then in ACCU360 ERP during production you can handle WIP warehouse. WIP will be used against Production Order and when you are receiving you finished good then it will consumed all the WIP stock. You can also adopt backflush method if you don’t want to maintain WIP warehouse.

After finishing your Production Order you can receive your Mil finish stock to Mil Finish warehouse and then you send for other production order like to send for Powder Coating, Anodizing and then to packing.

After production you can bundle all your finished section and ACCU360 will generate bundle wise bar code. During dispatch you just need to scan your bundle bar code to add item in your delivery note. 

Production flow in Extrusion Industry

aluminum extrusion production flow

Scrape Material Management

Keep track of your scrape item against every production order. In ACCU360 you can define your scrape material while preparing BoM. So whenever you receive your finished item then it will also ask you for scrape quantity and scrape quantity will be added in scrape warehouse.

Manage Multiple Sections in ACCU360 ERP

Prepare all your sections in accu360 using inbuilt advance variant mechanism. ACCU360 also allow you to create custom codes and section number in standard format. Generate standardize finish item’s coding .

aluminum sections

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Yes, accu360 ERP have been implemented in multiple extrusions processing unit. In default software acu360 can handle some of the complex scenario.  

Duration depends in so many factors actually but in extrusion unit you can take minimum 3 to 6 months is required to fully implement.

Yes in accu360 you can manage all the departments like production, sales, purchase, stock, HRM  and sales team as well. 

In accu360 you can easily interact with all the department for any information sharing. 

You can easily configure approval process as per our company criteria. Accu360 is flexible enough to handle all the cases.