Accu360 ERP – Manage Your Production Routing Wisely

Accu360 ERP – Manage Your Production Routing Wisely

Managing production routing is a skill not just for logistics professionals. Enterprise resource planning and configuratiohn management software like ACCU360 ERP makes it feel like a snap. In this article, learn how to flow up to 100,000-plus material requirements through your system in minutes by defining accurate routings.

Production Routing

It is important to have a production routing in place so that you can manage your production wisely. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your routing:

1. Make sure that each step in the process is clearly defined and documented.

2. Estimate the time required for each step in the process.

3. Determine the sequence of operations.

4. Allocate resources (time, materials, and people) to each step in the process.

5. Plan for potential problems or disruptions in the process.

6. Review and revise the routing regularly to ensure that it remains effective.

Material Requirement Routing

The first step in an effective production routing is ensuring that you have the necessary materials on hand. This means having a clear understanding of what materials are required for each stage of production, and ensuring that you have a steady supply of those materials. Accu ERP provides comprehensive material requirement routing functionality, allowing you to see exactly what materials are needed for each stage of your production process. This ensures that you always have the necessary materials on hand, and reduces the risk of delays due to missing or incorrect materials.

In addition to managing your own material requirements, Accu ERP also provides visibility into the material requirements of your suppliers. This allows you to better manage your inventory levels, and avoid stock-outs of critical components. By understanding both your own material requirements and those of your suppliers, you can be sure that you always have the necessary materials on hand to keep your production running smoothly.

Information required for BoM

As you plan your production, you need to have a clear understanding of the BoM for each product you intend to produce. The Bill of Materials (BoM) specifies the types and quantities of materials needed to create a product. It also identifies the sub-assemblies, assemblies, and components required to build the end product, as well as the source of those items.

In addition to materials, the BoM includes information on any tools or equipment needed to assemble the product, plus any special instructions on how to assemble it. This is vital information for accurate production planning.

To get started, gather all available information about the product, including engineering drawings, sketches, and specifications. You will also need data on the manufacturing process, such as cycle times and standard yields. Once you have this information, you can begin creating your BoM.

If you are using Accu360 ERP software to manage your production routing, you can easily create and maintain your BoMs in the software. The system provides a central repository for all your BoM data, making it easy to access and update as needed. Plus, you can use Accu360 ERP powerful search capabilities to quickly find the information you need when creating or revising production plans.

Job Cards automatically created from routing

If you have declared routing in BoM then while creating Production Order for that BoM system will automatically create Job cards for every routing. Once job card is created then your floor person will update their work status job cards wise.

Series routing and Parallel routing

In ACCU360 you can define series and parallel routing from BoM material window. You can also define your sequences of routing while defining routing. System will guide you during our job cards completion.

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