GST compliances in accu360 ERP

GST compliances in accu360 ERP

GST compliances in accu360 ERP

We understand the importance of GST filing and making it easier for our customers to stay update date for any compliances. Accu360 has all the features related to GST filing starting from GSTR-1 to GSTR-3B and other GST reports.


Integration with GST portal

You can easily integrate accu360 with GST portal to exchange data and all the return from filed but your parties in 2A.

Additionally, you can import your GST portal data manually to compare your purchase data with Portal data. Accu360 will give you missing purchase in Portal and in your internal purchase also.


E-Invoicing in accu360 ERP

Accu360 has inbuilt E-invoicing mechanism you can easily generate IRN number from Accu360 only after creating your invoices. You can do the following events.

  1. Create E-Invoice
  2. Cancel E-Invoice


Our team constantly keep checking for any updates or changes coming from GOI. And we keep updating in accu360 accordingly time to time.


 You can reach to our support team to our partners for any assistance.

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